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Choosing an HVAC Contractor

Make sure your contractor employs NATE-certified HVACR technicians

When choosing a contractor to care for your HVAC unit, important factors must be taken into consideration. While a contractor can be licensed or accredited by an organization, the true value lies in if the contractor employs NATE certified HVACR technicians. After all, it's the technician who will be performing the installation or maintenance of your equipment.


Understanding the Difference Between a Licensed Contractor & a NATE Certified Technician

  • Contractors can be licensed or accredited by organizations, but you still may end up with an inexperienced technician at your door. Good questions to ask are:
    • How did the contractor become licensed or accredited?
    • What does that licensure or accreditation mean?
  • While NATE does not certify contractors, we do recommend contractors who employ over 25% of NATE-certified HVACR technicians. Using a NATE-certified technician increases the likelihood that the job gets done right the first time.
  • If you decide to use a contractor, be sure to ask the contractor to send a NATEcertified technician to your home or business. Ask for a NATE ID number and validate with NATE that the technician is certified.
  • For greater peace of mind, always ask for NATE.

NATE recommends contractors who employ over 25% of NATE certified HVAC technicians. Use our contractor locator to find a contractor who employs NATE certified technicians.